Poetic justice for Robert Frost vandals

The 28 young people who broke into the home where iconic American poet Robert Frost wrote some of his most compelling poems in December 2007 and trashed the place to the tune of $11,000 are paying a unique price for their misdeeds.  They are studying Robert Frost’s poetry.  As is explained at WCAX-TV,  Middlebury, VT, the damage done by the lawbreaking partygoers was extensive. http://www.wcax.com/Global/story.asp?S=8430462

On December 28, about two dozen young people trashed a summer home that Frost visited for decades to write and reflect. A quiet farm house in Ripton on a road not taken by most. An ideal spot for an out-of-the-way illegal drinking party where kids wouldn’t get caught. Or so they thought.

Broken windows, furniture, and dishes littered the home. The partying vandals discharged a fire extinguisher, vomited and urinated on rugs. Nearly $11,000 in damage left behind.

28 people were charged, all but two of them teenagers.

The two-dozen partygoers have been sentenced to attend classes in Frost’s poetry taught by a Middlebury College professor who specializes in the poetry of Robert Frost and is considered an authority on that quintessentially American poet.

So, to teach them a lesson, they’re getting lessons from a Middlebury College Professor and biographer who wrote the book on Frost. He’s using poetry to teach the vandals that life is a series of choices and that choices have consequences.

You might call the unusual court diversion program poetic justice. A life-long lesson.

Perhaps they will think twice next time before stopping by a house on a snowy evening with vandalism and beer pong on their mind.

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One Comment on “Poetic justice for Robert Frost vandals”

  1. Tobey Says:

    Works for me as long as they also pay to restore the house and repair all damage and also do 1000 hours each of community service. They should also pay tuition for studying Frost.

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