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Hitting a nerve …

May 24, 2008

Like a dentist’s drill hitting an exposed nerve Hillary Clinton’s remarks about RFK’s assassination bring back painful memories of 1968 .

Once again the taste and smell of that violent, blood-soaked year are in my nostrils — massive protests against an unstoppable war, the horror of gunshots aimed at political figures, race riots in major American cities, and police riots at the Democratic convention in Chicago.

One after another during the 60’s, spasms of violence rocked a generation of Americans and took from them the leaders who kindled hope for change. Jack Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas in November 2003. Malcolm X was killed in 1965.

But 1968 was an unparalleled paroxysm of political assassination that took first Martin Luther King Jr and then Bobby Kennedy. The grief and rage at their untimely loss has been locked inside for forty years. Ted Kennedy’s cancer diagnosis this past week had already started retrospective musings about the Kennedy family’s tragedies. Then Hillary’s careless, callous words probed the wound and exposed the raw nerve endings. (more…)