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Comparative sales: Susan vs. Sarah

December 4, 2009

I just noticed that Susan Boyle’s debut CD has hit number one on the Amazon sales charts — and has sold 701,000 in the first week.  The singing sensation from Scotland won the hearts of worldwide audiences when she sang the title song  I Dreamed a Dream on UK’s version of American Idol,  “Britain’s Got Talent.”   The album is expected to be a popular stocking stuffer this holiday season without the aid of discounting or bulk promotional sales.

Boyle’s CD sales were the largest number sold in 2009, beating out the record-holder Eminem and other artists such as U2. She also has the largest ever sales debut for a female artist, a feat which is remarkable considering where Boyle came from and the fact that almost all of her sales were actual CDs. Only 40,000 digital downloads of her album were purchased on iTunes last week, in contrast to the previous week’s number one, John Mayer’s Battle Studies, in which almost half of his sales were digital.

In contrast Sarah Palin’s  Going Rogue sold 469,000 books right out of the gate, aided by massive bulk purchases by the NewsMax website, where it is offered for just $4.97 as a premium with a 3-month subscription.  This is despite all the advance promotion by Harper Collins and the glitzy “bus” tour featuring the former Alaskan Governor and her entourage.

Going Rogue, the memoir by the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, topped the list of Nielsen BookScan’s best selling books for the week of Nov. 16. But while its first-week sales figure of 469,000 copies beat out the sales numbers for James Patterson and Stephen King, it couldn’t topple the top dog.

Former President Clinton’s 2004 memoir My Life sold 606,000 copies its first week on sale.

So it appears that Susan comes out the winner here.  And I predict that Susan’s CD will have more “shelf life” than Sarah’s book — bringing aural delight to fans around the world long after Going Rogue is a dusty curiosity in the bargain bin.


Cashing In: The Sarah Palin Story

October 27, 2009

She said she was quitting her job as Alaska governor to pursue some unspecified “higher calling.” Then after her resignation took effect on July 26 Sarah Palin disappeared from public view. Twitter bursts to her followers were the only evidence that she was still around …hunkered down at an undisclosed location (rumor has it it that she was in San Diego with her new book’s co-author).

Beginning in August 2008 with her selection as John McCain’s running mate Palin soared – she went from being an obscure self-described “hockey mom” governor of a remote state to a charismatic national political figure. Less than a year later, Sarah Palin was gone as Alaska governor. And making new plans for her future … BIG plans, it seems. (more…)

Going Rouge vs. Going Rogue

October 24, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Buy “Going Rouge”, instead of “Going Rogue”

By now every sentient being who is even minimally interested in U.S. politics has probably heard about Sarah Palin’s first venture into literature. Her new book “Going Rogue” is scheduled for release on November 17. Palin’s book is already at the top of the pre-order charts at Amazon and the New York Times. Far fewer are aware of a competing tome that is scheduled for release on the same day. From the publisher’s website here’s the scoop:

Going Rouge An American Nightmare is compiled by Richard Kim and Betsy Reed, two top editors of the left-leaning weekly The Nation, and includes essays by Nation regulars like Katrina vanden Heuvel, Naomi Klein, and Katha Pollitt. It’s the first release from OR Books, a fledgling outfit founded earlier this year by publishing veterans John Oakes and Colin Robinson that “embraces progressive change in politics, culture and the way we do business,” according to its website.

They promise to deliver “the most honest, revealing account of the Palin story to appear this fall? You betcha!(more…)

Just the facts, please!

July 8, 2009

Facts are pesky things.  You ignore them at your peril, especially when  they are easily, er, fact-checked.

On Friday, July 3, 2009 Sarah Palin made the surprise announcement in a hastily called news conference that she was going to resign.  Since none of the faradiddle of reasons for quitting made the slightest bit of sense, there was a rush from reality-based commentators in both the MSM and the blogosphere to try to find some kind of rationale for Palin’s abrupt mid-term departure. (more…)

Palin Facing Criminal Probe?

July 4, 2009

In the wake of Sarah Palin’s resignation as governor of Alaska, here is a humorous take on a possible looming scandal from StevenD at BoomanTribune:

It’s murder most foul.

On a more serious note, there are rumors of a pending Federal criminal indictment — stories that Federal agents have been poking around the Matsu valley for the past three weeks (h/t  Shannyn Moore on MSNBC).  But the real details may be laid out in this post from Stef on DailyKos.! (more…)

Is McCain fit to lead?

September 14, 2008

While the U.S. media focuses on debunking the ever-increasing pile of stinking lies, misinformation and half-truths spewing from the McCain campaign,  they seem to ignore the over-arching question of whether John Sidney McCain III is fit to lead the U.S. in the twenty-first century.  The media allows itself to be distracted with dicussions of whether Sarah Palin was a good choice because she “energized the Republican base” and obsesses about “lipstick on a pig.”

It takes a major newspaper across the Atlantic to ask the really big questions.  is John McCain fit to lead?  Furthermore, what does McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his VP running mate say about his fitness to lead the U.S. in the twenty-first century?  (more…)

Ignore ‘Annie Oakley’ Palin — Pay attention to ‘quick draw’ McCain

August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin is a decorative distraction that John McCain has inserted into the presidential race.

The announcement of Palin as the McCain’s VP should really come as no surprise.  It smacks of Karl Rove’s usual strategy of pandering to the right-wind party base in order to get McCain elected. It is also a signal of just how desperate McCain was feeling at the conclusion of the Democrat’s highly successful convention.

The selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate also says a lot about McCain’s judgment in that he would pick a  snowmobiling beauty queen  from a small state with no national or international experience.   John McCain wants to be president and he will cynically use and abuse anyone he can to achieve his ambition.  This includes plucking a woefully underprepared governor from the backwoods of Alaska and thrusting her willynilly into the national spotlight.  After meeting her just once prior to offering her the job, John  McCain decided Sarah Palin is his “soulmate and partner”.   (more…)