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Bob Dylan’s version of the song at the end of

October 6, 2009

Bob Dylan’s version of the Woody Guthrie tune at the end of ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ captures the raw unvarnished outrage of the original.


Woody Guthrie Song at the end of ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’

October 4, 2009

As the final closing credits rolled on Michael Moore’s  latest film the nasal twang of Woody Guthrie rang out and I wanted to get the lyrics to it.  The song “Jesus Christ” is a ringing condemnation of an economic system that values money more than human beings. 

Here are the rabble-rousing lyrics,  sung to the tune “The Ballad of Jesse James” (a celebration of the bank robber who  famously “stole from the rich to give to the poor”).

Jesus Christ was a man who traveled through the land
Hard working man and brave
He said to the rich, ‘Give your goods to the poor.’
So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.
Jesus was a man, a carpenter by hand
His followers true and brave
One dirty little coward called Judas Iscariot
Has laid Jesus Christ in his grave.
He went to the sick, he went to the poor,
And he went to the hungry and the lame;
Said that the poor would one day win this world,
And so they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.
He went to the preacher, he went to the sheriff,
Told them all the same;
Sell all of your jewelry and give it to the Poor,
But they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.
When Jesus came to town, the working folks around,
Believed what he did say;
The bankers and the preachers they nailed him on a cross,
And they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.
Poor working people, they follered him around,
Sung and shouted gay;
Cops and the soldiers, they nailed him in the air,
And they nailed Jesus Christ in his grave.
Well the people held their breath when they heard about his death,
And everybody wondered why;
It was the landlord and the soldiers that he hired.
That nailed Jesus Christ in the sky.
When the love of the poor shall one day turn to hate.
When the patience of the workers gives away
Would be better for you rich if you never had been born
So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.
This song was written in New York City
Of rich men, preachers and slaves
Yes, if Jesus was to preach like he preached in Galillee,
They would lay Jesus Christ in his grave.
Sung to Jesse James

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Woody Guthrie wrote this tune in 1940 — before the video age. Bob Dylan’s version captures the raw grittiness of Woody’s style.

Trailer — Capitalism: A Love Story

October 4, 2009

If you haven’t yet seen Michael Moore’s latest, there is still a chance to get in on the buzz on “Capitalism:  A Love Story”.   Here’s the trailer but it will just whet your appetite.  Go see it on the big screen — and bring your friends along so you can laugh, cry and cheer together — there are plenty of opportunities for all three emotions and it is good to have sharing and solidarity.

The link to the list of theaters where “Capitalism: A Love Story ” is showing is found here:

And for those who already streamed into movie houses across the country on opening night last Friday here are the words of the inimitable Michael Moore himself:

Thank you, all of you, who packed the theaters across North America last night to see my new film. The movie houses were rockin’! The national movie exit poll company announced this morning that the audiences in America gave “Capitalism: A Love Story” a rare “A” rating! Wow, thank you! In most multiplexes where “Capitalism” played, it was the #1 or #2 top-grossing movie there for the evening. That is nothing short of amazing.

For those of you waiting till next week to see it, I can’t say this strongly enough: Do not put off going to see “Capitalism: A Love Story.” It is not just a movie. It is a referendum that is being closely watched by the CEOs of America. Let me tell you bluntly, the suits on Wall Street are closely watching to see how this movie does this weekend. So, too, are the members of Congress. If “Capitalism” has a huge opening, it will send shivers down their corporate spines, telling them loud and clear that the American people are mad as hell and are not into taking it any more. It will put all the bosses on notice that the vast Obama-voting majority has awoken from its silence and are out in full force.

But if the attendance is just “ok” or “so-so,” then they will be relieved knowing that there is not a popular groundswell of opposition out there — and then they can go about their business as usual. I’d like to send them a different message.

Treat tonight and tomorrow as if it were election day. Blow their minds on Monday morning when they show up at their executive suites, switch on CNBC or Fox Business News, and learn that America turned out in droves to participate in a raucous denunciation of Wall Street and everything it stands for. I often hear people ask, “What can I do to make my voice heard?” Your answer is at the nearest theater showing this movie. Trust me, packing these movie houses tonight and tomorrow will eff them up in an overwhelming and profound way.

Last night, there were many reports of spontaneous cheering throughout the film in nearly all the theaters. Theater managers reported difficulties in getting people to clear the theater lobby afterwards because groups of total strangers assembled to passionately discuss what they just saw. One manager wrote to me and said, “It’s a good thing we carry Gummy Bears and Junior Mints at the concessions stand instead of pitchforks and torches! These crowds were ready to march over to the local Citibank and do something!” Another manager said a crowd in the lobby formed around the little Chase ATM machine next to his popcorn stand and started to “yell at it.” Jeez! (Click here to see some of the cell phone photos fans have sent from various theaters around the country last night.)

Here’s what I’ve heard the most about last night: Audiences were stunned and shocked by many of the things I reveal in the movie — stuff that the networks have refused to show them — even though they have the footage! They purposely withhold this news from you, the public. And because I dare to show it, some networks now refuse to license any of their footage to me. So I get my hands on it and put it in the movie anyway. I truly don’t care. I’m sick and tired of the truth not being told to the American people — and I am willing to suffer whatever the consequences come my way because I showed it to you. Fortunately we have “fair use” laws in this country that have kept my hide out of court so far. There is something so patently wrong with not being told what Wall Street and Corporate America are up to. If you go see “Capitalism” tonight, you’ll see what I mean. You will alternately have your head spinning and then find yourself laughing your ass off!

Much more is riding on the success of this movie than the amount of popcorn that is sold. If we do well this weekend, the studio will expand the film to smaller towns next week. Don’t put off seeing it! Click here to find out where it’s playing and order your tickets now. Call some friends and make a night of it. My crew and I have put nearly two years of our lives into this and I am honored that it has been so well received. Join in on the fun of giving AIG, GM, Bank of America and all the other thieves the shellacking they deserve. And send me a photo of you and the crowd there tonight! I’ll post it and personally send it to the heads of all the financial institutions and the members of Congress. They need to get a clue — right now — and I’d like you to help me send them that clue!

Thanks again, and I’ll see you tonight at the movies!

‘Dear God: Don’t do this to Louisiana again. The Republicans got your message’

August 31, 2008

Michael Moore pens an eloquent  plea about Hurricane Gustav.

An Open Letter to God, from Michael Moore

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Dear God,

The other night, the Rev. James Dobson’s ministry asked all believers to pray for a storm on Thursday night so that the Obama acceptance speech outdoors in Denver would have to be cancelled.

I see that You have answered Rev. Dobson’s prayers — except the storm You have sent to earth is not over Denver, but on its way to New Orleans! In fact, You have scheduled it to hit Louisiana at exactly the moment that George W. Bush is to deliver his speech at the Republican National Convention.

Now, heavenly Father, we all know You have a great sense of humor and impeccable timing. To send a hurricane on the third anniversary of the Katrina disaster AND right at the beginning of the Republican Convention was, at first blush, a stroke of divine irony. I don’t blame You, I know You’re angry that the Republicans tried to blame YOU for Katrina by calling it an “Act of God” — when the truth was that the hurricane itself caused few casualties in New Orleans. Over a thousand people died because of the mistakes and neglect caused by humans, not You. (more…)

A form of murder?

November 24, 2007

I want to thank blogger Gayla McCord for drawing my attention to an article in the LA Times about the health care proposals of the leading GOP presidential candidates. To tell the truth I wasn’t aware any Republican even had a plan since the subject never seems to come up in the GOP debates and it is not prominently posted on their campaign websites. But it seems that I was wrong — they really do have some kind of a health care proposal. But the problem is simple — the plans are lousy market-based proposals and would not cover the life-saving cancer treatment that these guys received that enabled them be survive to run for President right now.

The LA Times looked at research on the proposed healthcare plans of Fred Thompson, a lymphoma survivor, Rudy Giuliani, who battled prostate cancer, and John McCain, who beat melanoma. None of these guys would be guaranteed coverage by their own plans.

So the health care that these guys are propose for the rest of us is NOT of the same quality that they themselves received. These guys receive premium government-run coverage with taxpayers picking up the tab. But its OK by these GOP candidates for ordinary Americans to be at the mercy of the big private insurance companies — the kind that reward employees for canceling coverage on seriously ill patients. In other words they can’t get canceled but ordinary Americans with the same life-threatening conditions (lymphoma, prostate cancer, melanoma) can lose their coverage while they are undergoing treatment and battling for survival. [For more information about the cancellation policies of big insurance companies, read my earlier post “Another Chapter for Michael Moore’s Sicko”] (more…)

Another chapter for Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’

November 11, 2007

The headline is pretty damning: ‘Bonuses paid for dropping sick patients’. Michael Moore’s movie ‘Sicko’ introduced many of us to the practice of health insurance companies rewarding employees who deny treatment to desperately ill patients, despite the fact that the patients are fully covered by medical insurance.

Now, as the result of a lawsuit against Health Net, Inc., we learn that a large carrier will use the flimsiest of excuses to cancel policies of those undergoing expensive treatments for life-threatening illnesses like breast cancer. And not only does Health Net cancel the policies, endangering the health and survival of these patients, but it also gives out lavish bonuses to employees who find meet or exceed quotas for dropping policies on these patients.

A health insurance company serving customers in a half-dozen states set out to drop hundreds of customers and paid lucrative bonuses to an executive in charge of eliminating coverage.

One customer is suing the company, Health Net Inc., after a company salesman pressured her to switch to a Health Net plan only for the company to cut-off her coverage in the middle of costly cancer treatment. (more…)