Comparative sales: Susan vs. Sarah

I just noticed that Susan Boyle’s debut CD has hit number one on the Amazon sales charts — and has sold 701,000 in the first week.  The singing sensation from Scotland won the hearts of worldwide audiences when she sang the title song  I Dreamed a Dream on UK’s version of American Idol,  “Britain’s Got Talent.”   The album is expected to be a popular stocking stuffer this holiday season without the aid of discounting or bulk promotional sales.

Boyle’s CD sales were the largest number sold in 2009, beating out the record-holder Eminem and other artists such as U2. She also has the largest ever sales debut for a female artist, a feat which is remarkable considering where Boyle came from and the fact that almost all of her sales were actual CDs. Only 40,000 digital downloads of her album were purchased on iTunes last week, in contrast to the previous week’s number one, John Mayer’s Battle Studies, in which almost half of his sales were digital.

In contrast Sarah Palin’s  Going Rogue sold 469,000 books right out of the gate, aided by massive bulk purchases by the NewsMax website, where it is offered for just $4.97 as a premium with a 3-month subscription.  This is despite all the advance promotion by Harper Collins and the glitzy “bus” tour featuring the former Alaskan Governor and her entourage.

Going Rogue, the memoir by the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, topped the list of Nielsen BookScan’s best selling books for the week of Nov. 16. But while its first-week sales figure of 469,000 copies beat out the sales numbers for James Patterson and Stephen King, it couldn’t topple the top dog.

Former President Clinton’s 2004 memoir My Life sold 606,000 copies its first week on sale.

So it appears that Susan comes out the winner here.  And I predict that Susan’s CD will have more “shelf life” than Sarah’s book — bringing aural delight to fans around the world long after Going Rogue is a dusty curiosity in the bargain bin.

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3 Comments on “Comparative sales: Susan vs. Sarah”

  1. That’s an easy one. The people who support Sarah P. don’t read.

  2. Oh, and by the way, I highly recommend GOING ROUGE, a bestseller among the Palinites who also can’t spell.

  3. Elen Perez Says:

    Sara palin is the most ignorant person I”ve never known. she doesn’t know that she is ignorant or pretend that she doesn’t know. That’s why she is running for the highest office in the usa. Someone should tell her, for her own good.

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