‘Mad As Hell Doctors’ send a message on health care reform

A group of six doctors in Oregon is organizing a coast-to-coast odyssey to publicize the urgen need for health care reform and specifically for a single payer solution.  The ‘Mad As Hell Doctors’ are planning to publicize their advocacy for real, not placebo,  reform of the health care system by embarking on a journey to Washington, D.C. on September 8.  Their ‘Care-A-Van’ will visit 26 cities  along the way and add participants at every stop.

Let’s let the ‘Mad As Hell Doctors’ speak for themselves and explain why they think a single payer solution is the best solution for the current crisis in the U.S. health care system.  They sent the following letter to President Barack Obama on 8/21/09:

Dear Mr. President:

This September, as the health care debate rages in Congress, our core group of six doctors from Oregon will be embarking on an historic road trip across America. We will be conducting town halls  in twenty cities as we make our way to Washington, D.C.  Our mission is to educate our fellow citizens as to why a single payer health care system is the only means to lasting, substantive health care reform for this country.

All told, our group has 191 years of combined, real-world medical experience, much of it spent working in a system that serves neither patients nor their doctors. As physicians who have sworn an oath to behave in accord with the highest possible ethical and medical standards, we have all reached the same conclusion: it is our professional obligation to speak out against a for-profit system of health care that is fatally compromising the health and well being of our patients, their families and our nation.

We will be in Washington D.C. on the morning of Oct. 1 and it would be a distinct honor if you would meet with our modest delegation to discuss the future of health care as well as the moral, social and fiscal imperative of a enacting a single-payer system for America at this moment in our history.

With Great Respect,

Dr. Paul Hochfeld                 Emergency Room Physician -Corvallis, OR

Dr. Eugene Uphoff                Family Physician-Portland, Oregon

Dr. Samuel Metz                  Anesthesiologist-Portland,Oregon

Dr. Michael Huntington         Radiation Oncologist-Corvallis

Dr. Joseph Eusterman          Internal Medicine-Portland, Oregon – Retired

Dr. Robert Seward                Internal Medicine-Portland, Oregon

If you support a meeting between President Obama and the MAHD to discuss single-payer, please go to the “Obama Letter” page on their website (www.MadAsHellDoctors.com) and submit the support request form. It will go directly to the White House.

Here is the map of the Care-A-Van route, coming to a city near you, perhaps.

For additional details, go to their website at http://www.MadAsHellDoctors.com

Myself, I like their slogan:  “‘Where the rubber gloves meet the road.”

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