Just an “entertainer”

The buzz after the White House Correspondents Dinner was all about Wanda Sykes — did she go to far when she said she hoped Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys failed?  But that is not the only point the edgy commedienne made about Limbaugh.

Why are the media ignoring the more damning comment accusing the talk show host of  “treason” for wishing that Obama would fail.

All the faux pearl-clutching outrage about the kidneys remark — meantime there is absolutely NO discussion from the MSM  about whether the drug-addicted Rush might  be “giving aid and comfort to our enemies” — the legal Constitutional definition of treason.

Just because Limbaugh claims to be  just “an entertainer” when he dodges responsibility for the hate speech that pours like vile toads and poisonous snakes from his mouth is no reason why he should be given a free pass.

There’s definitely a double standard at work here.  Wanda Sykes is also an “entertainer” but she does not seem to get the same free pass when she tells it like it is.

Is she that scary?  Does the truth hurt that much?

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