Donna Brazile rules

At the recent meeting of the DNC Rules Committee one of my favorite moments was when committee member Donna Brazile laid down the law to a representative of the Clinton campaign from Michigan.  She was speaking to the issue of whether the Michigan delegation should be seated at the national convention in Denver even though the state Democratic party had broken the rules by holding their primary too early.  You can find discussion of this moment at the DNC meeting on Daily Kos at the following link — there originally was a YouTube video but that no longer works.

She began by wishing the Clintonite’s mother a happy birthday and then went on to comment about what her own mother had taught her:

“My Momma always taught me to play by the rules.  And if you try to change the rules, it’s called cheatin'”

These words of wisdom have application beyond the narrow confines of the DNC Rules committee.  In two sentences Donna Brazile captured the essence of the argument against the Bush administration — they don’t play by the rules and they are always trying to change the rules, especially the ones they find inconvenient, like for instance,

  • the prohibition against torture under the Geneva Convention or
  • the right of Americans to be secure in their “persons, houses, paper and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures” (Fourth Amendment)
  • the right to habeas corpus (Article 2 Section 9)
  • so many other contraventions of the U.S. Constitution, Treaties, Statutes and even human decency that they are too numerous to list here.  Dennis Kucinich came up with a list of 35 Articles of Impeachment and says he thinks the number of separate articles may grow to at least 50.

Seems to me, what this country needs is the perspective offered by Donna Brazile’s Momma.  We would all be better off as a country if we lived by her rules.

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