Who should Obama pick?

Today all the cable TV talking heads are obsessed with the wrong questions “What does Hillary want?” and “Should Obama choose Hillary for VP?” Those are the wrong questions.

The real focus should be on what Barack Obama wants in the person who will be his first “hire” — his vice-presidential pick. There should be no rush to judgment here. There should be no pressure from the Clintonites that she be picked.

Let Obama employ the same quality decision-making he displayed in running his primary campaign. The team he picked to run his campaign (Axelrod and Ploufe) have performed brilliantly and have gotten Obama to this moment: today he stands as the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States. It has been a long and hard-fought road that brought him to this moment of victory.

Now Obama begins the process of choosing a running mate and indeed it must be a thoughtful process, with all potential running mates being thoroughly “vetted”. There must be full disclosure from all potential VP candidates — the skeletons must be brought out of the darkest reaches of their closet so as to avoid the kind of disaster that Thomas Eagleton brought to George McGovern in 1972. Eagleton lasted 18 days on the Democratic ticket before revelations about receiving psychiatric treatment for depression were splashed across the news media.

Today the Obama campaign announced that the formation of a VP search committee suggesting that the process of choosing a running mate for the Illinois Senator has begun. The most interesting name on this committee and the only one known to the general public is Caroline Kennedy, JFK’s daughter. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/06/04/kennedy-holder-join-obama-vp-search-team/

Caroline Kennedy has joined Barack Obama’s vice presidential selection team, an Obama campaign spokesman said Wednesday.

Former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson and former Deputy U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder are also serving on the committee.

Kennedy, the daughter of President John F. Kennedy, formally endorsed Obama late January in a New York Times op-ed piece titled, “A President Like My Father.”

This could be seen as a signal that Barack Obama is not going to be hurriedly pushed into making Hillary Clinton his running mate.

One might think that everything is known about Hillary Clinton that needs to be known. However, the recent release of the Clintons’ joint tax returns have simply raised more questions than before. In addition, the finances of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Library are a virtual black hole. The Clintons refuse to release the donor lists for these tax-exempt organizations so potential or actual conflicts of interest remain unknown and subject only to speculation. The release of this information is necessary for the Obama campaign to assess whether Hillary Clinton would be a good VP pick. Until that is done it would be premature to offer the VP spot to Hillary.

Kari Chisholm on his blog BlueOregon.com produced a list of 32 possible VP picks for an online poll. Hillary made the list but is not the only woman being mentioned. Here’s the list from BlueOregon. Go to this link and have fun with expressing your own preferences: http://www.demochoice.org/dcballot.php?norot=on&poll=veepstakes

Sen. Joe Biden (DE)
Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH)
Former Sen. Lincoln Chaffee (R-RI)
General Wes Clark (AR)
Sen. Hillary Clinton (NY)
Former Sen. Tom Daschle (SD)
Former Gov. Howard Dean (VT)
Sen. Chris Dodd (CT)
Gov. Mike Easley (NC)
Former Sen. John Edwards (NC)
Sen. Russ Feingold (WI)
Vice President Al Gore
Sen. Chuck Hagel (NE)
Former Sen. Gary Hart (CO)
Gov. Tim Kaine (VA)
Sen. John Kerry (MA)
Former Gov. John Kitzhaber (OR)
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (MN)
Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO)
Former Sen. George Mitchell (ME)
Sen. Patty Murray (WA)
Gov. Janet Napolitano (AZ)
Former Sen. Sam Nunn (GA)
Rep Nancy Pelosi (CA)
Gov. Ed Rendell (PA)
Gov. Bill Richardson (NM)
Gov. Brian Schweitzer (MT)
Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (KS)
Gov. Ted Strickland (OH)
Sen. Jon Tester (MT)
Former Gov. Tom Vilsack (IA)
Sen. Jim Webb (VA)
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