A form of murder?

I want to thank blogger Gayla McCord for drawing my attention to an article in the LA Times about the health care proposals of the leading GOP presidential candidates. To tell the truth I wasn’t aware any Republican even had a plan since the subject never seems to come up in the GOP debates and it is not prominently posted on their campaign websites. But it seems that I was wrong — they really do have some kind of a health care proposal. But the problem is simple — the plans are lousy market-based proposals and would not cover the life-saving cancer treatment that these guys received that enabled them be survive to run for President right now.

The LA Times looked at research on the proposed healthcare plans of Fred Thompson, a lymphoma survivor, Rudy Giuliani, who battled prostate cancer, and John McCain, who beat melanoma. None of these guys would be guaranteed coverage by their own plans. http://www.gaylamccord.com/

So the health care that these guys are propose for the rest of us is NOT of the same quality that they themselves received. These guys receive premium government-run coverage with taxpayers picking up the tab. But its OK by these GOP candidates for ordinary Americans to be at the mercy of the big private insurance companies — the kind that reward employees for canceling coverage on seriously ill patients. In other words they can’t get canceled but ordinary Americans with the same life-threatening conditions (lymphoma, prostate cancer, melanoma) can lose their coverage while they are undergoing treatment and battling for survival. [For more information about the cancellation policies of big insurance companies, read my earlier post “Another Chapter for Michael Moore’s Sicko”]

The fundamental problem with all these proposals is that they rely on private for-profit companies to make decisions that benefit patients and not profits.

The market-based GOP plans’ weakness, according to researchers comparing the proposals, is that they rely on the private market, which loses money on cancer patients’ and their expensive treatments.

Gayla McCord frames the situation poignantly:

Let’s think about this folks! Who are you going to vote for? Someone who considers your loved ones with cancer a LOSS?

By putting profits over people’s lives the GOP candidates health care proposals are running on empty. As Gayla concludes:

Isn’t denying our friends and family members healthcare coverage that would help them survive a serious illness a form of murder in itself?

I think that the answer to this question must be a resounding YES!

All the Democratic candidates also have healthcare proposals, but none that puts the lives of Americans so much at risk of decisions make by private for-profit insurance companies. All the Democratic proposals are superior to all the Republican proposals.

If healthcare is an important issue for voters, then we can expect that them to take note of the differences when they cast their votes next year.

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2 Comments on “A form of murder?”

  1. TRM Says:

    I know I will never be able to convince you of this, but your summation is flawed.

    The private sector promotes patient choice, assures quality and an incentive for our young to pursue a med degree.

    Mama gub’ment control will breed contempt of patients by its care givers, limited availability of care and a decline in young people desiring to become doctors.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Gayla McCord Says:

    Hey thanks for the mention. It’s nice to see there are other American’s who are feeling that healthcare should be on the front of everyones mind during this next election.

    Let’s just hope healthcare is important to millions more — if not, we’re in for a really rough ride.

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