Get your comments in to the FCC NOW!

Another giveaway of our public airways is underway.  Newly proposed FCC rules will allow increased media consolidation:  rules would be softened on media ownership to allow the owner of a newspaper in one of 20 major cities to also own a television or radio station.

While some may call this the homogenization of news coverage and content,  I would tend to see it as the Fox-ification of the news — emphasis on fluff and celebrity at the expense of “hard” news and indepth analysis.  Once a media owner has dominance in a market the same content can be used by all outlets.  So news will be further dumbed down and there will be less coverage of local issues.  More generic coverage canl be spread over multiple markets.

Since a well-informed citizenry is vital to democracy this will inevitably lead to an erosion of the quality of public discourse as our democracy slips away piece by piece.

The FCC rules proposals were the subject of a recent Bill Moyers program on PBS.  Moyers  expresses alarm at the short notice for this rule-making process as FCC Chair Kevin Martin seems intent on ramming these changes through by mid-December.  A recent hearing (Nov. 9) in Seattle was particularly contentious as vocal opponents expressed their outrage.

Running this hearing with five days’ notice, and then trying to jam media consolidation through by mid-December, to me is damning evidence, by the total abuse of the process itself, that you’re up to some kind of no good.If this is a legitimate issue, then it deserves and demands a legitimate public process to determine the outcome.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for not respecting the democracy you live in. –Hearing participant

If you share my concerns about this media consolidation then now is the time to educate yourself on this issue and get your comments submitted to the FCC by December 11, 2007.  Here is the link to submit commentary to the FCC:  You can useboth e-mail and snail mail  to make your views known.

Video of this episode, also on Raw Replay, is available below. More information on media consolidation, previous PBS coverage, and transcript, is available at

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One Comment on “Get your comments in to the FCC NOW!”

  1. Meredith Lewis Says:

    The erosion of of our democracy must stop now.
    Stop media consolidation1

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