Just talk to each other …


It is major news when a U.S. Senator says we should talk to Iran.  Other words:   communicating, diplomacy, working things out.  What all the marriage counselors always tell couples who are having difficulties in their relationship.  “Talk to each other,” the therapist says.

Now Chuck Hagel has become like a therapist offering advice to President Bush:  talk it out,  Hagel says.   He calls for direct, unconditional talks with Iran:

An approach such as this would strengthen our ability across the board to deal with Iran. Our friends and allies would be more confident to stand with us if we seek to increase pressure, including tougher sanctions on Iran. It could create a historic new dynamic in US-Iran relations, in part forcing the Iranians to react to the possibility of better relations with the West. We should be prepared that any dialogue process with Iran will take time, and we should continue all efforts, as you have, to engage Iran from a position of strength.

We should not wait to consider the option of bilateral talks until all other diplomatic options are exhausted. At that point, it could well be too late.

Since 2001 diplomacy (i.e., talking to other governments even those we disagree with)  is something that seems to get lip service but has not been embraced as a hallmark of the U.S. Dept. of State.

What have we got to lose?  It is certainly to something new to try.

Let us all join Senator Hagel in urging the President to:

consider pursing direct, unconditional and comprehensive talks with the Government of Iran

Start talking NOW.   Let the diplomacy (read:  therapy) begin.

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